Welcome to the ByteSized Productions Camp Rock Audition Page - Character Descriptions

Mitchie Torres

A familiar face and veteran at Camp Rock. She falls for Shane. Talented, smart, outspoken.

Gender: Female 

Shane Gray

The youngest and most charismatic member of the Connect 3 band. Shane is the lead singer and Mitchie’s love interest.

Gender: Male 

Nate Gray

The middle brother of the Connect 3 band. A shy drummer who falls for Dana.

Gender: Male 

Jason Gray

The oldest member and brother of the Connect 3 band. A comical, easy-going guitar player.

Gender: Male 

Caitlyn Geller

A future record mogul, Caitlyn is quirky and gifted. Mitchie’s best friend.

Gender: Female 

Tess Tyler

The daughter of pop star T.J. Tyler, Tess is Camp Rock’s snobby diva.

Gender: Female 

Ella Pador

A longtime Camp Rocker, she is very interested in fashion and helps with the costume designs.

Gender: Female 

Rosie Day

The new girl at Camp Rock, Rosie is eager to be a part of everything, and does all she can to save Camp Rock.

Gender: Female 

Barron James

A hip-hop dancer and Sander’s best friend. The goofy partner in crime.

Gender: Male 

Sander Loya

Barron’s best friend and partner in crime. The brains of the mischievous duo.

Gender: Male 

Andy Hosten

The quintessential drummer from Camp Rock. Cool and chill.

Gender: Male 

Dana Turner

Axel Turner’s daughter and Nate’s love interest. A talented musician embarrassed by her father. Sweet, sincere.

Gender: Female 

Luke Williams

A big talent with an ego to match.


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